Can You Guess This Rear?

We're all the same on the inside. Except if you have a cloaca. That's a little different.

Can You Guess This Rear?
if you smell it, that's cheating.

Sure - you spend the majority of your day doing rectal exams. It's why we all got into this profession. Nothing beats the thrill of expressing a big juicy anal gland, or the dread in the pit of your stomach when you feel a nodule on a hypercalcemic dog. Some of us are in there up to our shoulder, feeling past that rim and making sure this rectum will soon be a proud mother. Some of us are even lucky enough to treat animals where everything comes out the same hole - what efficiency! I'm sure many of you are sick of rectal exams at this stage in your career, so why not spice it up and put your rear end game to the test? Take a look at the following bottoms, and let us know what species you think they are! Answers will be listed in the next Waggie (if they allow us to make another), and if you are offended by this please email The Editor at